“If Someone Runs Out Kohli, Rohit…”: R Ashwin Pens 270-Word Post To Sum Up Non-Striker Run-out Debate | Cricket News

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“If Someone Runs Out Kohli, Rohit…”: R Ashwin Pens 270-Word Post To Sum Up Non-Striker Run-out Debate | Cricket News

Even things that are legal in the current cricketing universe, aren’t always accepted by all parties. The non-striker run-out, despite being accepted as a fair form of dismissal in the rulebooks, doesn’t get the validity it deserves. India’s Ravichandran Ashwin, a staunch advocate of the dismissal, penned a 270-word tweet, summing up the debate around the non-striker run-out. In his tweet, Ashwin also explained what would happen if a top player like Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, or Steve Smith gets run-out in the manner during an important event such as the World Cup.

Ashwin posted a lengthy tweet on the non-striker dismissal debate after someone tried to describe why there remain two different schools of thought on the dismissal.

“This is a fair assessment of the situation. Imagine someone running out kohli, Rohit, Smith, Root or any crucial batter at the nonstrikers in the World Cup semi-final or a crunch game which will decide qualification. I am sure hell will break loose and there will be a character assassination campaign by some experts who still don’t agree with it and of course, fans that are on the receiving end.

“There is only one solution, whoever be the batter and whatever be the magnitude of the situation, the batter needs to watch the bowler load the ball up and rotate his shoulder before taking off and if he doesn’t do that and gets out, we should applaud the bowler and tell the batsmen that he can do better. “He dint complete his action at all and he should look for it in the 5th 6th over arguments are lame”cos once the bowler loads up and gets ready to deliver, he can’t run the batter out cos it’s incorrect according to the law.

“At the moment not all teams are doing it but come the World Cup, I really hope everyone is ready for it cos taking a moral high stand and saying we won’t do it, should open a strategic window for the other teams and genuinely teams should take every single advantage coming their way cos winning a World Cup is a lifetime achievement. Finally, is winning everything? It’s everything for some and not for many others, we need to accept both, cos we are all different. Stay inside the crease and live in peace,” Ashwin wrote in his tweet.

The previous ODI World Cup saw ICC bring about a big rule change after the final went in the favour of England over ‘boundary count’. Would this year bring a change in the rulebooks too?

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