Modern Warfare 3’s latest movement buff made the game “so freaking good” 

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Modern Warfare 3’s latest movement buff made the game “so freaking good” 

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has recently gone through a major movement buff, which some players believe has made the game more fun to play right now. Sledgehammer Games mentioned the changes in their latest patch notes, and after the update on November 17, the game is much faster now. Popular CoD content creator ExoGhost posted a video of him playing the game in MW2 Moshpit mode, and the game looks smoother than before.

Regarding the new update, the content creator stated on Twitter,

“MW3 movement has been buffed. It’s perfect now. This game is so freaking good”

This article will contain an in-depth perspective on Modern Warfare 3’s recent movement changes. Read below to learn more.

Modern Warfare 3 has gone through a major movement buff

On November 17, MW3’s latest patch notes revealed the following changes in the game’s movement.

  • Decreased Tac Sprint refresh delay after sliding by 75%
  • Decreased Tac Sprint refresh time to match the Infantry Vest/Running Sneakers
  • Decreased sprint delay after sliding by 53%

Previously, the developers introduced a small delay after sliding to the Tac Sprint refresh time. Surprisingly, this was not present in beta. At launch, the devs had made the change to see if the delay made the game more open to all or not. However, the community did not like the delay, and according to the devs, players felt that the change was “too aggressive.”

Hence, the developers rolled out this update to add more fluidity to the Modern Warfare 3 player movement. CoD content creator ExoGhost’s post and their Twitter thread indicate that the fans are also loving the new changes so far.

Another content creator, FNATIC Stallion, showed their excitement and stated,

“Oh man, I cannot wait to get on and jam this now.”

Other users also expressed their appreciation towards the change and acknowledged that the movement is smoother than before. Since Modern Warfare 2 was heavily criticized for its slow movement mechanism and the removal of Slide Cancel, it seems like Activision is trying to focus on the OG CoD experience more.


Due to all the advanced movement mechanisms, CoD’s skill gap raises a lot. While this development had been criticized by some members of the community earlier, it seems like the majority of the fanbase loves the changes now. Another rumor also appeared on the surface, suggesting that the devs are thinking of adding the Bunny Hop option back in the game in some way. This would make the current game very similar to Modern Warfare (2019).

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