This Video Of Man Feeding Daughter Scream Love

Henry Dumas

This Video Of Man Feeding Daughter Scream Love

Home-cooked food is often associated with emotions. There is no denying that even a bite of simple dal chawal would taste heavenly if parents are feeding you with their own hands. Indian parents show their love and affection by making sure we are well-fed. This can be exhibited with different tactics like your mother making your roti equivalent to the size of two or your dad trying to put a morsel inside your mouth. But as we grew up, it all sounded like the good old days of childhood. Now, a heart-warming video is sending us back to the memory lane of childhood. The clip speaks at length about a father’s caring gesture. The video shows Pooja Bihani (whose bio reveals that she is a Lead Cabin Attendant with an airline) getting ready to leave for work, while her father is feeding her so that she doesn’t skip her meal because of her busy schedule.
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The clip opens with the woman putting her makeup on. Right next to her, we can see the dad standing with a plate. As she applies her makeup, her father is making bites for her. Soon after the first bite, we can see Pooja Bihani complaining about the size of the bite. Well, her father asks her to eat fast and stop complaining.

Pooja has shared the post with an adorable caption, which expressed how much she loves her dad. The caption read, “I know I don’t say it enough, so I’ll say it extra today: Thank you for everything, Dad. My home is wherever you are. I love you, Papa.”
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Soon after she shared the post, it was acknowledged by her father, who in the comments section revealed that he is really proud of her. He commented, “Pooja, I have gone through the comments & and feel proud to be your father, love you so much my beta.”

A user commented, “Father is father no one can take his place.”

The clip has been viewed more than 12 million times.

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