‘This war is against Hamas monsters, not Gaza’, says Israeli spokesman Eylon Levy

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‘This war is against Hamas monsters, not Gaza’, says Israeli spokesman Eylon Levy

Ilyon Levy, a spokesperson for the Israeli government, said that Israel’s war is against the “monsters of Hamas and not the Palestinians”. He said Israel holds Hamas fully responsible for all the humanitarian suffering in the Gaza Strip, caused by its decision to declare war with the October 7 massacre.

“We have put our own soldiers’ lives at risk in order to facilitate safe passage for Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip. This is not a war against the Palestinians. It is not a war against Gaza. It is a war against the monsters from Hamas who perpetrated the October 7th massacre and it is the monsters from Hamas we will destroy,” he said during an interview with India Today on Tuesday.

Levy confirmed that “Hamas has definitely lost control of the Gaza Strip,” following the October 7 attack where the terrorist group killed 1,200 Israelis and took 240 hostages, including children.

Levy emphasized that Israel’s goal is not to reoccupy Gaza but to ensure security for its people by dismantling Hamas’s terror infrastructure and removing it from power. “We do not want to control Gaza. What we want is to create a reality that will bring security for the people of Israel and make sure Hamas can no longer pose a threat to us,” he said.

Despite the iconic image of elite Golani Brigade soldiers inside the legislative assembly, Levy acknowledged that Hamas continues to target Israel, indicating that the fight is far from over.

Addressing accusations of genocide, Levy rejected the claims, clarifying that Israel is targeting Hamas and making every effort to minimize civilian casualties. He said Hamas has a strategy to use humans as shields, by hiding under civilian infrastructure to provoke Israeli strikes and cause civilian deaths.

Levy also refuted allegations of Israel starving Gazans. “Israel has two water lines that are supplying water into the Gaza Strip.Humanitarian aid is entering Gaza through the Rafah border crossing with Egypt,” he said, as he blamed Hamas for creating a humanitarian emergency to pressure Israel.

When asked about the possibility of a ceasefire, Levy was clear: “We will not accept any end to the fighting that leaves our hostages in Gaza and Hamas in power. Israel seeks a complete victory and the total destruction of Hamas’s governing and military capabilities,” he said.

Levy could not provide a specific timeline for the operations but assured that they would continue until Hamas is defeated. This war will last as long as it takes…not a day more, not a day less. I wish I could tell you that this would be over tomorrow. And it would be, if Hamas emerged from its terror headquarters underneath the Shifa hospital,” he said.

He drew parallels between the global effort to defeat ISIS and Israel’s determination to destroy Hamas, stating, “We will bring to an end its reign of terror inside the Gaza Strip.”

The spokesperson also addressed global protests and criticism, expressing contempt for those siding with Hamas and calling for the destruction of Israel. He condemned chants like “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” as calls for the erasure of the state of Israel.

Levy also emphasized the urgency of rescuing the hostages, including babies and young children, held by Hamas.

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Aishwarya Dakhore

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Nov 15, 2023

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