Try These 9 Snack Recipes To Treat Your Guests On Diwali Cards Party

Henry Dumas

Try These 9 Snack Recipes To Treat Your Guests On Diwali Cards Party

Diwali 2023: If Diwali is a festival of lights, it is also customary to play cards that night. People organise card parties during this time when family and friends get together and have a fun time. From food to drinks to music, elaborate preparations are done for such parties. Most of them prefer to keep finger snacks on the menu for the night as it is easy to eat and takes less time to prepare. While preparing the menu one must count the heads and plan accordingly. Don’t forget the dips. They are equally important. And, to make things slightly easier for you we have come up with a list of snack recipes for the party menu.

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Here are a few key recipes that you can keep ready and serve your guests during the game night this Diwali:

Make this classic dilli-style chaat!

1.Daulat Ki Chaat 

You can keep everything ready beforehand and just throw in the ingredients when it is time to serve. This delicious chaat is exclusively available in the winter season.

2.Pizza Cutlet

It is liked by people of all ages. It requires a total cooking time of 25 minutes. Crispy on the outside and cheesy inside, it can be made with mashed potato or other vegetables of your choice.

3.Potato Cheese Shots 

Readily available in every Indian kitchen, potato, it seems, is the preferred choice. And so, potato cheese shots are a welcome snack for such parties.


Soya 65 tastes delicious.

4.Soya 65 

Since soyabean contains immense nutritional benefits, Soya 65 is worth a try. This spicy item can be served with sweet or tangy chutneys.

5.Sooji Pakoda

Pakodas are a favourite for any party. These deep-fried fritters are made with semolina (sooji) batter and seasoned with spices and veggies. An ideal instant snack to surprise guests.

6.Paneer Thread Rolls 

An Indo-Asian appetiser, the yummy crispy starter has a coating of noodles outside and nicely cut paneer cubes inside. 


Pair kebab with green chutney.

7.Almond Pumpkin Kebab 

These kebabs are made with almonds, pumpkin and a host of spices. This dish provides several essential nutrients along with a lip-smacking taste.

8.Falafel With Peanut Sauce 

This falafel recipe is simple and made with staple ingredients that you likely have in your kitchen. This middle eastern patty is a versatile addition to the party table.

9. Low-Calorie Baingan Chips

These brinjal chips are super easy to prepare and can last longer than other snacks. Also, brinjals are known to be high in antioxidants and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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