Twitter User Complains About Chicken In Veg Biryani, Zomato Responds

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Twitter User Complains About Chicken In Veg Biryani, Zomato Responds

Biryani is one of the most loved one-pot rice dishes in the country. Foodies would agree that this delectable combination of spices, meat and rice is truly one of a kind. Biryani has made its way to the hearts of so many foodies across different states of India. From chicken to mutton, kathal to vegetable – there are so many variations and versions of the humble biryani. Recently, a Twitter user posted about a mishap that his friend experienced with the veg biryani he ordered online. As per the tweet, the friend had placed an order for paneer biryani but instead, he received a dish with chicken pieces in it. Take a look:

Disclaimer: NDTV does not vouch for the claims in the post by the Twitter user.
The Twitter user named Ashwini Shrivastava shared the ordeal experienced by his friend in Varanasi on Sunday night. He shared two videos showing the invoice of the family pack of vegetable paneer biryani he ordered online through the food aggregator application Zomato. The next clip showed what the friend received – pieces of chicken hidden in the box of the biryani.
“Initially, they didn’t even realize that it was actually chicken biryani because even paneer biryani’s paneer is wrapped in a besan (gram flour) covering, and they had ordered paneer biryani. It was only when they tasted it that they realized it was something else,” wrote the user in his tweet.
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“When they called the Behrouz Biryani, they were told to contact Zomato, and when they called Zomato, they were told to talk to the hotel,” he further complained. The tweet has received over 816.4k views and 5.7k likes since it was shared.
Meanwhile, both Zomato and Behrouz Biryani took cognizance of the complaint and responded immediately to the viral tweet. “Hi Ashwini, apologies for the mishap. We never intended to do that. We will get this checked immediately,” wrote Zomato. Take a look:

“Hi, Ashwini! That is certainly not the experience we intend for our customers, and we apologize as your experience has been hampered. Kindly DM us your contact number so that we can fix this for you,” said Behrouz Biryani on Twitter. A couple of other verified handles also shared their thoughts about the experience of veg biryani. Take a look:

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