Volvo says first MPV will be Scandinavian living room on wheels

Wesley Brown

Volvo says first MPV will be Scandinavian living room on wheels

Media reports say the EM90 will share Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) with models such as the Zeekr 009, a three-row minivan that debuted in China in January. Zeekr said it sold 20,000 009s in its first five months on the market.

Zeekr, however, has said it does not plan to offer the 009 in Europe.

With the number 90 in its name, Volvo is signaling that the vehicle will be a large premium model, joining the EX90 flagship electric crossover in its growing battery-powered lineup. An EM90 teaser photo depicts a boxy-looking design, which was common for the brand until it adopted curvier exteriors in the early 2000s. 

Volvo wants full-electric models to account for half of its planned 1.2 million sales by 2025. By 2030, Volvo aim to be an electric-only brand.

Earlier this year Volvo debuted the EX30 small electric crossover, which will reach customers in early 2024, joining the C40 electric compact crossover and the battery-powered derivative of its sibling, the XC40. With the EM90, Volvo’s EV lineup will rise to five models, up from zero in 2019.

Volvo has said it will launch a new full-electric car each year until 2025. Leading off was the EX90, revealed last November and due to be on the road this year. However, software issues have delayed it.

This year’s main debut was the EX30, making the EM90 the second new EV from Volvo in 2024. Volvo plans to return to its one new EV a year cadence in 2024.

Volvo said Thursday that the EM90 is designed so that customers can “make the most of the time spent in the car.” Adding that the minivan “creates room for your life.”

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