VW will power into EV era with GTI small electric hatchback

Wesley Brown

VW will power into EV era with GTI small electric hatchback

The Munich concept is based on the ID2all concept unveiled by VW in March.

The production ID2 is due to launch in 2025 as an affordable small EV priced below 25,000 euros ($26,800).

The ID GTI concept’s design takes the base ID 2all and adds sporty elements such as two red towing eyes in the outer area of the front grille and a black roof spoiler.

Matt black elements on the lower part of the front end as well as down the side evoke the additional bodywork of the original GTI, which added a black spoiler to the front.

Other design nods to the original Golf GTI includes a redesign of the Pirelli alloy wheels as well as an illuminated version of the 12 o’ clock marker on the steering wheel, a feature that is meant to let the driver know when the wheels are pointing straight during spirited driving around corners.

All versions of the VW small electric car will be built Spain. The production ID2 will have three siblings – a VW brand small SUV, a Cupra sporty hatchback and a Skoda small SUV.

The economies of scale will allow VW to lower the cost of the cars, while versions such as the SUVs and the GTI will allow Volkswagen Group to increase the profit margin.

VW has previously said the base version of the small car will have a range of 450 km (304 miles). It said the ID 2all concept will accelerate from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in less than 7 seconds, which would be improved with the GTI version.

The ID 2all was styled by VW brand’s new design head, Andreas Mindt, who succeeded the creator of the ID Life concept, Jozef Kaban, in February.

“In my opinion, the powerful ID 2all is the perfect basis for an electric GTI,” Mindt said in a statement.

“I already had the GTI in mind when I first put pen to paper for the ID 2all. It is now becoming reality.”

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